Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anti Beta Blocker 12/26/08

This is Xylo's lonesome the-day-after-Christmas show. Sitting in the empty radio station, without the interruptions and distractions of Shamus and Nameless, Xylo put up a pretty good show, don't you think? ;) Joking. I miss my teammates. Come back soon!

BTW, if you're interested in listening to more of such electro music, check out the previous website of Anti ß Blocker: We've got a year and a half worth of shows there. Tons of good stuff!

  1. DJ Xylo - radio.theme 
  2. Grafton Primary - SOS Hello 
  3. Hercules & Love Affair - Blind (Hercules Club Mix) 
  4. Darling Farah - Watching 
  5. Via Tania - Become Forest (Grafton Primary Remix) 
  6. Little Boots - Love Kills (Buffetlibre vs Sidechains Remix) 
  7. Hercules & Love Affair - You Belong (Riton Remix) 
  8. FUKKK OFFF - Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)  
  9. The Black Ghosts - Repetition Kills You (ft. Damon Albarn) 
  10. Darling Farah - Hair Down 
  11. Wiley - Summertime (Crookers Remix) 
  12. The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing 
  13. Futurecop! - Transformers (OOGA BOOGA Remix) 
  14. Muscles - The Lake 
  15. Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation 
  16. Grafton Primary - All Stars 

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