Saturday, February 28, 2009

Anti Beta Blocker 02/27/09

This is our last show of the season. The new season starts from next week, and Anti Beta Blocker will be on at 9pm Friday. Yay, back to our prime time slot! Our audience can finally call in and tell us how they love us again! :)

  1. DJ Xylo - radio.theme 
  2. The Valentinos - CCTV (Bang Gang vs. Van She Tech Remix) 
  3. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Tong Poo 
  4. Tepr - Coke & Cream 
  5. Fortune - Bully 
  6. Legowelt - Dirty Tango 
  7. Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Miike Snow Remix) 
  8. Omodaka - Kokiriko Bushi (Video Mix) 
  9. Datassette - Eyeballs And Elbows 
  10. Fischerspooner - The 15th 
  11. The Presets - If I Know You 
  12. Fare Soldi - Survivor (Saint Pauli Remix) 
  13. Lioness - You're My Heart (Pilotpriest Remix) 
  14. Grafton Primary - Left Of Nowhere 
  15. Röyksopp - Happy Up Here (Earth Invaders' Video Here

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Missing Anti Beta Blocker 02/20/09

Sad sad news: the internet connection of WMBR was unknowingly down during our show, which means this episode of Anti Beta Blocker was not archived. Unless you heard it on the radio in real time, the show is forever lost. *tears*

It's kinda amazing (and embarrassing) if you realize we're talking about the internet connection at MIT.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anti Beta Blocker 02/14/09

This is our special Valentine's Day edition. So much love in the air and so much good music!

We love you all! :)

  1. DJ Xylo - radio.theme 
  2. Moon Unit - Connections (Original) 
  3. Pacific! - Hot Lips 
  4. Gerling - Hot Computer 
  5. Beni - My Love Sees You (Classixx Remix) 
  6. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix) 
  7. Pnau - Lover 
  8. Pnau - With You Forever 
  9. Grafton Primary - Hold Her 
  10. Grafton Primary - Colour 
  11. Muscles - Chocolate Raspberry Lemon & Lime 
  12. Vector Lovers - Crash Premonition 
  13. Joakim - Lonely Hearts (Album Version) 
  14. Wolfgang - Metal Plastic Wire And Hearts 
  15. Freezepop - Plastic Stars 
  16. Ladytron - Light & Magic 
  17. Portishead - The Rip (Datassette Remix) 

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anti Beta Blocker 02/06/09

The Bloody Beetroots' remixes promo for this year sounds really promising. Definitely look forward to the full tracks! I'm also happy about the new Grafton Primary album I just acquired. We'll play more off it next week.

  1. DJ Xylo - radio.theme 
  2. The Bloody Beetroots - Remixes Teaser 2009 
  3. Protokoll - Moving Forward (Designer Drugs Remix) 
  4. Grafton Primary - The Garden 
  5. Digitalism - Taken Away (Tokima Tokio Remix) 
  6. Cold Blank - Calaca 
  7. From Monument To Masses - Beyond God To Elvis (Felix Cartal Remix) 
  8. Popof - Serenity (Noob Remix) 
  9. The Subs - My Punk (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) 
  10. Santiago & Bushido - Second Nature (Original Mix) 
  11. Radiohead - Reckoner (The Twelves Remix) 
  12. Modeselektor - Suckerpin 
  13. Groove Armada - Drop The Tough (The Twelves B-live Remix) 

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Anti Beta Blocker 01/30/09

A week late, missing the first 15 minutes of the show, and the audio is pretty clipped*, but we got it online eventually! Special thanks to Electronic Max for rescuing our soundwaves when the WMBR web stream went down.

* Actually, it's only my voice that is clipped... so maybe I should just stop talking so loudly :)

I also tried to convince Xylo that the Ting Tings were hip-hop - I must've been listening to Dizzee Rascal's "That's Not My Name" cover too much. Putting the amateur into community radio as always.

"they call me blood, they call me rudeboy, they call me oi, they call me mate, that's not my name..."

  1. DJ Xylo - radio.theme 
  2. Teenage Bad Girl - Ghost House 
  3. Cajuan - Raven (Cajuans Moog Rave Mix) 
  4. The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (Tom Neville's Nameless Vocal Remix) 
  5. Black Holes - War Drums 
  6. Hot Chip - Boy From School 
  7. Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Mix) 
  8. Unit 4 - Body Pub (Tiefschwarz Mix) 
  9. College - Fantasy Park feat. Anoraak (Moulinex Remix) 
  10. Digitalism - Jupiter Room (Erol Alkans Simple Yet Effective Edit) 
  11. The Golden Filter - Solid Gold 
  12. The Presets - Yippyo-Ay 

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