Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anti Beta Blocker 06/05/09

Xylo and Nameless had a pretty quiet radio session, with the loud Australian on vacation. ;)

  1. DJ Xylo - radio.theme
  2. Bassnectar - Verbing The Noun
  3. Byetone - Plastic Star (Session)
  4. Loco Dice - El Gallo Negro
  5. Telonius - Like What (The Glimmers Remix Short Version)
  6. Maps - Let Go Of The Fear
  7. Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk - Love Can't Turn Around (Dolby Anol Remix)
  8. The Faint - Get Seduced (Hot Pink Delorean & Knowlton Walsh Remix)
  9. Tiga - Shoes (Noob Remix)
  10. Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Whitenoise Remix)
  11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Dan Oh Remix)
  12. The Prodigy - Omen (Clockwork Remix)
  13. Mr Oizo - Flat Beat (16 Bit Remix)
  14. 16 Bit - In The Death Car (Vocal Mix)

Download radio show

1 comment:

Jason Lieder said...

Hi guys!

I'm listening to your show right now and it's my first time. I am working late down in my basement and you are playing the perfect music to groove and work too. I wish I had a light show, sweet speakers and a party down here cause this is the perfect dance music!! I will have to make it a point to listen to your show on Fridays. Well I appreciate the hard work and I have to get back to it. I'm making some pendants down here and I want to get them a little further before I call it a night. You can see pick on my blog so you can see what I'm make while being motivated by your show.

Thanks and take care,